28 July 2011

One Week Ago Today

183.2 lbs – Ugh. This is not good.
I suppose that most people start blogs by going back in time – "I was always a chubby kid” or “I used to be fat but I changed my life”. To start my blog, I’m going back 1 week.
One week ago today, I was a 39 year old gal overweight for no good reason other than the fact I love food. I’m in fantastic shape - ran my 3rd marathon in May 2011 and I regularly lift weights, spin, and do Pilates. But I was still struggling to lose weight, even when following a structured weight loss plan. I counted points, cut out carbs, and counted calories but I still couldn’t seem to get the scale to budge. With the support of my boyfriend Miguel, I ate healthy, I lived healthy (for the most part) and did my best to do everything right.
One week ago today, Miguel had a heart attack. Actually, to be more accurate, he was diagnosed with having had a heart attack the week before. My darling, wonderful, seemingly healthy 44 year old boyfriend called me from the ER to say that the EKG and blood work his doctor had scheduled a few days before had shown evidence of heart damage (the week before, he had felt dizzy while running on the treadmill, and being the smart guy he is, scheduled an appointment with his GP right away). After reams of tests, he was admitted to the cardiac ward of the hospital. In addition to the heart attack, we were stunned to hear that he has high blood pressure and is also a Type 2 diabetic. The doctors were as shocked as we were. After 5 days of more tests, poking and prodding, he was released with a plan for cardiac rehab. 
Me n' Miguel. Awwwww.

One week ago today, I was thinking about starting a health and fitness blog, but I wanted it to be meaningful. I haven’t gained or lost a significant amount of weight, so I’m not really an inspiration in that respect. And there’s nothing that annoys me more than a blog that is just a self-serving regurgitation of the author’s stream of consciousness.  But over the course of the week I found my purpose. I’d like this blog to not only reflect my own weight loss journey, but to also educate people (including myself) on living healthy lives after a cardiac crisis. We now have to carefully monitor portion control, fats, sugar, and cholesterol but still live like normal people in their prime. I also want it to be a venue to alert people to the fact that even if you don’t think you fall into any risk categories, it is still important to be checked out. And if you’re not in the greatest shape, now is the time to start making a change. 44 years old is far to young to say goodbye.
And on that note, I promise future posts will be much more cheery.  As long as you promise to get a check-up and get your blood pressure tested. And encourage the people you love to do the same.