06 January 2015


"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers." ~Plato
So it's another New Year. A time when we look back and reflect on the last 365 days of successes and failures and everything else in between.  I tend to focus a lot on numbers - the numbers on the scale, the numbers of kilometers run, the number of inches on the measuring tape, the numbers of people in the spin class on a given day.
Recently I hit a pretty big milestone. I tracked using MyFitnessPal.com for over 1000 consecutive days. 1102 to be exact. While that may sound like an impressive achievement, I can assure you that it's not as great as it seems.  Sure, I logged in to the site, and I would say more days that not, I would track everything I ate. But that doesn't mean I'm a weight loss rock star. Far from it. If you look at my weight loss trend for the past year, it resembles a lovely urban sky-scape. In fact, I weigh much more now than when I started tracking in the first place. And that sucks.

When friends on MFP see my log in count and congratulate me on such a high number, I usually respond with "Yep, I sure am good at logging in!".  I feel almost like a fraud - there's no accomplishment there other than a ticker reminding me that for every day I log in I'm still not reaching my weight loss goals (and seem to be going in the opposite direction).

However, in an effort to keep my negative self talk to a minimum, there are a few things I've accomplished in the last 1102 days. Here are a few things that I can be proud of:

- 4 Marathons (including the New York City Marathon)
- 8 10k races
- 2 5k races
- 1 7k relay
- 1 50k bike event

Sadly, I've spent the last year injured, so running ended up taking a bit of a hiatus over the last year, but I didn't let that hold me back. I became a certified RPM spin instructor and I rode in my first outdoor event, the  MS Bike Tour. I tried stand up paddle boarding and tennis (stay tuned for more on that one) and I was instantly hooked on all of it.

Sure, I'd be thrilled if the number on the scale was different. But I've had a lot of fun in the last 1000 days. I've had way more fun than I had when I was 20, 30 even 40 lbs lighter.   I am so much happier.

Finding things that you love to do, that challenge you, that leave you breathless... at the end of the day that's what really makes me happy.  I won't give up trying to get to a more comfortable weight. That is a battle yet to be won. But I won't sit here and continue to hate myself for what I haven't done and ignore what I have. 

And you - you there in the interwebs land... you give yourself credit, too. Every little accomplishment counts. Did you go for a walk today? Did you make it to the gym? Did you manage to get out of bed when all you wanted to do was hide from the world? A win is still a win, no matter how small.


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  1. So glad to see you back posting! Happy New Year Lady :)